What is GUNBOT?

Gunbot is an advanced trading bot for trading at cryptocurrency exchanges, more specifically Gunbot is an extremely flexible tool for trading automation. You can use Gunbot to automatically trade 24/7 using settings you control. Besides full automatic trading Gunbot can be used to assist manual trading, for example you can buy assets manually and setup Gunbot to only sell those assets using a powerful trailing system.

Gunbot runs on your own system or VPS: Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi are supported. You own your trading data: Gunbot does not collect any information on trades made, strategies used or balances owned by Gunbot users. Trading is supported on an ever growing number of exchanges. Both spot and margin exchanges can be used together with Gunbot.

The TradingView add-on makes it possible to let Gunbot execute trades sent as email alerts by tradingview.com. This add-on can also be used to execute email based trading alerts from other sources.

Gunbot was first released in December 2016 and quickly evolved from a one man show to an awesome community with thousands of traders and a professional team of devs and support admins. New features based on user input are constantly added, in very close collaboration with our users.

Gunbot is not built for nerds only, you can use it without any specific computer knowledge.

Gunbot dashboard
Gunbot dashboard


Gunbot licenses include life time free software updates, including upgrades to major new versions!

Trading bot chart
Gunbot chart trade view

Key features:

  • Unlimited number of trading pairs.
  • You can use any of the base currencies available on the exchange like Bitcon(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Monero(XMR), USDT, BNB. On some exchanges(Kraken etc.) you can trade fiat pairs.
  • Unlimited number of bot instances.
  • Blazing fast.
  • Can trade on multiple exchanges from a single installation.
  • Life time free software updates, including upgrades to major new versions.
  • Easy to use browser interface for managing settings and monitoring trading performance, also works on mobile devices.
  • Powerful trading strategies: use tested presets or create your own strategies using 15 different methods for buying/selling, confirming indicators, trailing, DCA and many more options.
  • Optimized strategies for margin trading and trading on spot markets.
  • Reversal trading: a system to accumulate during bear markets without investing more than the initial buy order.
  • Trading terminal: review bot performance on native charts, place manual orders directly from Gunbot.
  • Receive trade notifications on Telegram.
  • Power user friendly: all features can also be configured and updated using a single JSON configuration file.
  • Can be used together with manual trading, even on the same trading pairs Gunbot runs (some limits apply though).
  • TradingView add-on: execute trades based on email alerts.
  • Backtesting add-on: available as script on tradingview.com, emulates (almost) all Gunbot settings options.

Supported exchanges:

  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • Bitfinex
  • Bitmex
  • Bitmex testnet – no Gunbot license needed
  • CEX
  • Coinbase Pro (GDAX)
  • Huobi
  • Kraken
  • Kucoin
  • Poloniex
  • Over 100 exchanges through the ccxt library!

Discount for promo version!



0.04 ฿

0.0055 ฿

Lifetime license

Secure payments over Gunthy OTC.

*maximum running exchanges at same time from all present and future exchanges without Bitmex.

Check gunbot.vip pricing section for all details on available packages.

A standard license with all features costs 0.1 ฿ for use on a single exchange.
Gunbot licenses include life time free software updates, including upgrades to major new versions!
Check gunbot.vip pricing section for all details on available packages.

Contact me if you have any questions.

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